"Since the country's historic transition to Democracy in 1994, South Africa had definitely been on my radar screen as a "must see" travel destination. In July of 2005 I decided on less talk and more action. I packed my bags and headed to Cape Town. Since I was not familiar with the Cape Town region I thought I would rely on the services of an established tour operator who was knowlegable, friendly, genuine and professional, while providing value for my money. AKT Tours not only met my expectations but exceeded them in ways I didn't think were possible. Ralph Jackson and his lovely wife Zeita are the AKT Tour proprietors. They didn't just make this a tour, they made my visit an unforgetable experience. Ralph and Zeita are local to the region and know their home town and the Western Cape like the back of their hands. In less than a week I covered incredible amounts of territory and couldn't wait to get to the next point of interest on the itinerary.

From Table Mountain to the Wine Route; from Strand Beach to the Cape Flats, from Robben Island to the Cape Point, I was immersed so effectively in the history, culture, and people that I began to feel as if I were South African! Most importantly, the tour was conducted in a SAFE and well-paced manor. Ralph and Zeita allowed me to experience South Africa first-hand and "off the beaten path", but they made sure that my safety was top priority.

The New South Africa is a country that is blessed with spectacular natural beauty, wonderful climate, and is steadily making strides as a premier international travel destination. Let me just say that I would recommend to anyone to add Cape Town to the list of places to visit before you check out of this world. Believe me when I say that YOU WILL NOT BE DISAPPOINTED!!! I can't wait to return to the "Mother City" Thanks Ralph and Zeita!!"

Washington DC, USA

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