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Ralph & Zeita Jackson

Born in Bonteheuwel a suburb situated on the Cape Flats is where I eventually grew up. I was the fourth eldest of five children and the eldest of two sons in the family. During the late fifties laws of segregation, apartness and including the separate amenities act were introduced, thus dividing communities that had co-existed and lived together for years. After our parents were evicted and forcibly removed from District Six, they eventually ended up in what is today referred to as the Cape Flats.The Cape Flats incorporating Bonteheuwel, Langa, Gugulethu, Manenberg, Heideveld, Hanover Park and many other suburbs were considered to be the dumping ground of the apartheid government.

The ploy and objective of the government was to divide the communities so that they could not unite and oppose the laws that had been implemented. This was unfortunately my upbringing until I got my first job at a company where part of my duties included showcasing our beautiful country to company colleagues and friends from overseas.As a keen hiker and outdoor enthusiast I enjoyed these excursions so much that I became interested in showcasing not only Cape Town but the greater South Africa to visitors.After venturing and travellingoverseas I realized that whether I was in the east or the westthat my home town Cape Town was surely the best. As a qualified Tourist Guide, Im absolutelypassionate about showing the natural and amazing beautyof our city and country to everyone anticipating a visit to this end of the globe. As for Zeita, she was born in Manenberg after her parents also suffered the same fate of being evicted after Laws were imposed by the apartheid government. After excelling at selling tupperware where she achieved top honors as Top Manager in South Africa, she eventually enrolled at a teaching college where she completed her diploma and onto university eventually completing her degree in teaching. She initially brought her invaluable tupperware sales &marketing skills to the business and was instrumental in the start up of the company.Although she continues to teach shestill remains a non-executive member in the company. So please join us on an unforgettable and enjoyable journey exploring our cuisines, cultures, heritage, beautiful landscapes and history. See You soon!!

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